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Friday, March 26, 2010 :


an open letter to my floyd county law enforcement officers

Two weeks ago I was pulled over by Deputy Spurgeon of the Floyd County Sheriff's Department because--surprise!--my truck tags had expired January 31. As you may recall, I had a little bit going on then, essentially a full on assault by NAFCAC and FCHD back then...anyway, while the nice Deputy took my license and registration back to his vehicle, I sat with Norman and Franklin in my truck, waiting for my citation, assuming the worst, too tired to hope for leniency.

Finally, Deputy S. came back to my truck window, wrapping my expired registration around my
license as he approached. He extended his hand with my stuff and asked in a matter-of-fact tone, "are you the same Katherine Fraze over on the ridge with all the dogs?". Hoping that he was sympathetic, I told him, " I was--and am!". I didn't recognize him (and I would've, too, as he's very attractive) from the January 12 ambush of me and mine by the NAFCAC and FCHD. He proceeded to ask me if I'd written something on my Facebook page about trespassers. I hardly write on Facebook since it's Norman's responsibility; I told him no I hadn't. He pressed on, saying that I'd written something somewhere about pepper-spraying trespassers who came onto my property without notice or invite.

My first thought was, "wow! He's reading my blog--cool!". I clarified that it was on my website that I'd written about having the life scared out of me one morning: I walked out on my porch to find David Hall of NAFCAC lurking, he a co-conspirator in the most traumatic, malicious, unjust, illegal and unethical event of my life and he's popping in a few weeks afterward, without notice, standing out there unannounced while I was inside, oblivious, on my laptop? Amy was barking non-stop and when I walked out to see what the rumpus was, there was Hall. I screamed like I'd seen the devil. Needless to say, I was shaky and upset the rest of the day. It's invasive, rude and unnecessary. We all have attorneys to gather information--a "visit" at this point from animal control is highly inappropriate. But then this whole ordeal/ambush is steeped in bad behavior by two branches of my local government...

Thus my diatribe on the website a few weeks ago, more or less saying that I would pepper spray any and all trespassers, specifically citing David Hall's "visit" as the catalyst of this warning. My intention was to give fair warning to all the would-be inviolates when my land, animals and self are at stake. Deputy Spurgeon said he understood but he also told me that someone sent a copy of that post to Floyd County Sheriff Mills, "warning the department to be on alert if they have to come onto my property, as I've 'threatened' to pepper spray trespassers...". Please.

Any law enforcement officer, be they city, county, state or federal can come onto my land ANY
time they wish. I had a police officer from Louisville here the other day with her boyfriend--both good friends of mine--and they went for a hike in the woods. Steve Knight, who is the jail commander in Floyd County, has been here with his family (they adopted Molly from me). Frank Denzinger came out here, sweet as pie, four days before he was killed when I had an icky problem with a tree guy who was freaking me out (another story, another time but he was bad news and scary as hell). I've only been in trouble once and even then all the police were pleasant and kind toward me. I've never-ever had a problem with law enforcement, not once in my life.

I don't consider any branch of my local law enforcement to be a threat to me or my animals. In fact, I know that they are not a party to the actions of the health department or animal control (other than the surly and inappropriate comments by Deputy Frank Loop, a rightfully failed candidate for Sheriff). Law enforcement has never issued any kind of citation regarding the well-being of my animals or the manner in which I live (and believe me, they see much worse places than my dinky camper!) and I've never had a complaint about dogs (or anything) from my neighbors in the 13 years I've lived here--not counting mean, grouchy old Nina but then nobody on our road likes her.

Sheriff Mills, you, your officers and any agents therein are welcome at my place anytime. While I do prefer a common courtesy phone call (812.945.0000) prior to arrival, by no means would I ever consider law enforcement a trespasser. I've always considered the police "here for me" so I'm never scared or put off by your presence. I think you can ask any of your deputies who have been to my place over the last decade-plus if I've ever been anything but nice, hospitable and cooperative. I'm sorry that someone tried to incite an issue between us. I promise you that
I never meant my (fear induced) blog post to be used in such a way. The people it was intended for know who they are. I leave it at that. But remember that when you visit, the puppy-ish Daisies will jump on you when you get out of your car. They'll jump on your car a bit, too but if you hurry and get out, they'll jump and try to kiss you--especially Daisy the Bloodhound. Slurp!


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