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Thursday, June 2, 2011 :


"...early june gloom heat..."

Oliver MacFrazier, Scottish Terrorist!
The One-Eared Scottish Terrier who has had baaad skin for a long time. 
See the hair loss on his sternum?  He's on new regime and responding beautifully.
Settled into his new home easily, respectfully and most of all, happily.
That feels nice for everyone connected to Ollie and his well-being.
  A rescue from Berea that needed a "terrier" home in Indiana.

I have loved living on this 130 acre wonderland...
Sometimes I wish I wasn't leaving, but I am.  It's time.
But it sure is pretty here, isn't it?  I know these hills well.
They've been a friend, a fortress for almost 15 years.

(Oso has his back)
He embodies "devotion".  Rescuing him is one of my better "saves".  Thanks again to Sherri for noticing him in the first place.  That's what matters: doing something, anything to start the rescue ball rolling.
I love reintroducing love of life in a creature who has been discounted to no end.  Pops is a true example of the rehabilitative power of giving good care and attention to a loved one who really needs it.

Pops has been my Muse.  It can be pouring down rain with lightening, or a desert-hot, scorching sun heat, he doesn't care.  He will wait up my drive until I come home from my weekly errands in any weather.  He can't stand it when I'm out of his line of vision.  Sometimes he'll think I've gone outside, even when I'm sitting at my desk writing, and he goes rushing out the camper door: "WHERE IS SHE?!" He's always sooo relieved when he comes back in the camper, hurriedly, and I say, "Hey, Old Man!  Who thinks you're the most handsome beast in the house?" and he melts at my feet, relieved, assured, satisfied with himself; he found me.  He's The Man.  And he's all about Quality of Life, baby!  See his "please share your supper with me" pose below:

Dixie is shooting the side-eye at me as I take this photo.
 Oso's in front of Dixie; Ollie is resting his chin on my left thigh.
Memories, like the corners of my mind...

Wildflowers, delicate
One of the forested treasures. 
Throughout the 130 acres.
There are a lot of pretty things in the woods.

R.I.P. Cody
Still too many tears to write about him.
We're all sad and all our appetities have been nil.

The Scent of Honeysuckle
It's very bold here, horticultually speaking.  This photo is of a "honeysuckle tree" along
my drive.  You can't tell certainly in the photo but the "trunk" of this "tree" is actually a telephone
pole.  They honeysuckle is so thick and strong throughout the drive that coming and going really is delightful.  If I were a beekeeper, I'd have sweet honey but I can't do it all, especially as I prepare
to move my show away from here. 
Within 60-90 days. 
Whoever buys my place will love it here.

This is Finn.
Part gazelle, part dingo, Finn defines "odd ball". Gloriously. Therefore he fit right in.
Nickname: "The Epicurean." 
 Cool waters, fans, fluffy bedding, food at will, toys, friends,
he thrived immediately given a degree of independence within the pack.
Like young humans, some young dogs think they know better than their mentor or caregiver,
as to what their boundaries should be.
I'm going to start my Human Training School one day but for now...
I have way too many "irons in the fire" at the moment to fathom adding anything more.
See the firepit above Finny's pool?  Lots of fires.  I mean irons.

Percy, the Master of  Priorities:
"Eat when you're hungry, play when you're silly and rest when you're tired."
Isn't Percy truly, aesthetically pleasing?
Handsome is as Handsome does.

Pops On The Move! 
Because of our courtly, platonic love affair, I notice the many nuances of Pops.
Coming out of the cool woods into the sun on a hot, hot day my PopPop makes haste of that short but harsh part of our trail.  He was zippin' right along this day--I mean, really moving. 
Look at his rear left foot: good extension,straight, strong leg, long stride between steps. 
He is feeling sassy as hell.  I loooove these moments.  He came to me literally falling down with each step and now he's Rin-Tin-Tinning along like there's no tomorrow.
And he's right.  Who knows what tomorrow will be? 
So for tonight, I love this photo.  It's so alive.  It's so "Pops". 
I can see his toes in this photo!
His "healthiness" makes me happy.  I know.  It's "precious".

Fungi versus Mushrooms. 
I've never been a fan yet evidently my place is loaded with "them eatin' kind..."
and American Ginseng.
Everywhere.  I find the fungi prettier.  Everyone leaves them alone. 

There are many natural cold springs throughout my place.
Throughout the years, they've literally tiny oasis for the dogs on our hike.  We used to go down to the
forest ranger/neighbor's big pond for a real dip.  I had a yellow Lab (not Gabriel) who would take off running, completely on his own, unspurred by me, and fly off the deck like a duck was right there, waiting to be he was a stunner.  Hank was his name.  He loved that lake but I still think the creek is so pretty, so existential.  It bends, turns, flows, sits--whatever, it's okay.  It is what it is.
A lovely, serene, unspoiled, spot in a crazy-rough-whizzy-world. 
Do you want to help a dog? 
Let's get a new Sanctuary for the Sanctuary!


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